How to connect to SFTP server CineLab Digital company

To download or upload files from/to CineLab Digital server you can use free FileZilla client, or any other ftp-client with SFTP ability.

Keep in mind please, that not Internet Explorer nor other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari doesn’t support SFTP.

  1. Open «File» - «Site Manager» in main FileZilla window.

  1. In new window press «New Site». Enter in Host field. Enter 22 in Port field. In Server type list choise SFTP. In Logon Type list choise Normal. Fill User  and Password fields. All other settings are default. Press OK.

  1. Now, to connect use site manager button in main window.

  1. At the first connection you will see «Unknown server key» attention. Check box «Always trust this host, add this key to the cache» and click «OK».

Finally, at the bottom side of main windows now you can see remote server folders structure. If not, check all settings step by step again.

Good luck!